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M2M - Machine to machine

Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) is when multiple machines interact with one another without any human interference.

M2M technology is often confused with IoT technology, which, despite similarities, are fundamentally different from another.

Although M2M communication is the forerunner to IoT communication, both technologies overlap when it comes to where they are applied and how they enable communication between machines.

M2M communication refers entirely to the communication between devices, with the extent of human access being the reconfiguring of machines.

The main purpose of M2M communication is to connect devices to the cloud, where businesses and enterprises can collect data from, and remotely manage the devices.

M2M communication relies on point-to-point communications, which is usually enabled through hardware embedded into devices. Once these machines are connected to one another, they are linked through a cellular network to a dedicated software application.

M2M communication is often used to improve business operations, particularly when it comes to maintenance.