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Speed - Kiểm tra tốc độ trang

Yoyo, I have tested my website. It is awesome. How are doing?. Today is Friday, I will do something before taking a rest and enjoy the weekend :D.

Let me tell you something before showing the test result. I have a blog at and a blog build by Wordpress. When I research on the internet to learn React and NodeJS. I see the Gatsby. I think that Could I try to use it and learn a new programming language?

So that is true. now, this is official information, I finished the moving my blog/website from Wordpress and Blogger to Gatsby. So I am enjoying it.

Let go ahead, below is the test result I have tested my website on Google,, and GtMatrix.

Kienoi at Gtmatrix - Best performance


Kienoi at Google - 100 Score

Why we need to measure our website? For me the reason that is the User Experience. If we have the slow website, nobody want to access your website and read your content.

That is all on today!

I hope you have a nice weekend.