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BRS - Boost Recuperation System

The BRS boost recuperation system: increased power, enhanced comfort and lower fuel consumption

Four-way intelligence: the BRS boost recuperation system from Bosch combines four efficient functions to create a sophisticated and innovative system. Thanks to integrated recuperation, combined with a boosting and coasting function, the BRS provides a significant evolution to conventional start-stop systems. As an entry-level electrification solution, it fills the gap between start-stop systems and full hybrids.

The heart of the BRS is the electrical machine with newly developed integrated power electronics. The BRS features a dual voltage architecture with 48 V alongside the conventional 12 V vehicle electrical system. This new system architecture enables the use of new high-power consumers which support innovative functions and energy-saving features. The BRS’s key components are the electric motor with integrated power electronics, the DC/DC converter and the high-power lithium-ion battery.

  1. BRS charges the battery during braking thanks to recuperation
  2. The BRS boost function helps acceleration
  3. BRS improves driving comfort thanks to a quiet, smooth start-stop function
  4. BRS delivers a new, low-noise driving experience thanks to the coasting function